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There is a wealth of materials developed by the DNR and other partners that will inform the planning process. This page identifies key documents that will guide the development of the next statewide trails plan.

DNR Parks and Recreation Division Strategic Plan, 2017–2022

The Parks and Recreation Division strategic plan helps guide the division’s mission to protect and preserve Michigan’s natural features and resources and provide access to land and water recreational and educational activities.

Parks and Recreation Division Guiding Documents

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Michigan Comprehensive Trails Plan, May 2013

The Michigan Comprehensive Trails Plan was developed to meet legislative planning requirements and document Michigan’s national position as “The Trails State.” It identifies ways to improve on the existing system through planning, management and trails system maintenance.

DNR State Trails Implementation Plan, January 2014

The DNR State Trails Implementation Plan lays out actions that will be taken over the next five years to build upon the 2013 Michigan Comprehensive Trails Plan.

Snowmobilers moving along a snow-covered trail

Michigan Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan, 2018–2022

The Michigan Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP) is a five-year strategic plan that shapes investment by state of Michigan and local communities in priority outdoor recreation infrastructure and programming. It is utilized as an ongoing framework an action plan for guiding outdoor recreation management and policy decisions.

DNR Wildlife Division Strategic Plan, 2016–2020

The DNR Wildlife Division strategic plan describes principles to guide the division’s work, develop and implement priorities and policies, aid in partnerships, engage the public and stakeholders, and allow for the division to adapt to emerging wildlife issues.

Wildlife Division Guiding Documents

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DNR Forest Resources Division Strategic Plan, 2019-2023

The DNR Forest Resources Division strategic plan builds upon the successes of the 2014 strategic plan and identifies new growth areas in partnerships, resource protection, forest health, mapping and technology.

Forest Resources Division Guiding Documents

DNR Fisheries Division Strategic Plan, 2018–2022

The DNR Fisheries Division strategic plan charts a path moving the division towards resiliency in facing future challenges and aligning with the public to focus actions and plan more efficiently to fulfill Fisheries’ mission.

Fisheries Division Guiding Documents

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